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Sleep Today for Yesterday
artMUSE Project - Alliance of Media Art Events in Europe
Industry Culture Museum Nordwolle,
Delmenhorst, Germany
16. 07. 2011

Audio-visual performance


Sleep Today for Yesterday

The Besorolás Alatt (Unrated) is a group formed by young artists from Hungary, though almost all of them live in different countries representing the contemporary European artistic career, in which mobility plays an important role. The concept of their performance Sleep Today for Yesterday is based on the concept of spatial variety, the video footages shot by the artists in their environment. Among others in Devecser in Hungary, at the Texel Island in Holland, in Los Angeles and on flights facing the destinations Brussels, Milan and Bergamo.

The visual material depicting personal impressions and experiences consists of parallel edited documentary segments, which is still coherent in its diversity. The audio part of the performance is also self-composed. The sounds are generated by an analog and digital system of tools, during the performance they become music. It can be viewed as a kind of network music, in which the temporal and structural change of sounds is determined till a certain level by the system itself.

The collectivity is not bounded to a place any more due to the possibilities of internet, which enables the artists living far from each other to work together. But to finally perform from the prepared audio and visual material the artists reassemble on the same place in the same time, in Nordwolle Delmenhorst for artMUSE.

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